Increasing IT security

Cybercrime has risen continuously in recent years.
Cyber criminals exploit various vulnerabilities:
Users – hackers gain access to systems via phishing emails or careless handling of passwords -> Regular training, including phishing training, helps to raise employee awareness. However, regular repetitions are necessary.
Incorrect hardware configurations, e.g. WLAN routers, make it easier to penetrate company networks.
Vulnerabilities in hardware and software, drivers, non-observance of compliance guidelines etc… become known and are then used to “break into” the IT infrastructure.
In the case of vulnerabilities in hardware components in particular, a rapid response by the affected companies is necessary, as these often occur in several places at the same time. Working from home also creates completely new risks.
But how is a small IT department supposed to constantly monitor the latest developments and check them within the company? Not to mention the implementation of the necessary patches to close the gap?
There are vulnerability management solutions that scan the IT infrastructure and software at predefined intervals and identify weaknesses. Around 140,000 potential vulnerabilities are checked in our preferred product. The corresponding feed is checked and updated daily. The product is available as a cloud and on-premise solution and can be perfectly adapted to the respective company size.

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